Selected Publications

  • Work in Process
    • "The 'Boobohsang' problem and the line-planning," Sung-Pil Hong, Taegyoon Kim, Jong-Eun Kim and Myoung-Ju Park, in preparation

    • "An inverse interval scheduling problem," Yerim Chung, Sung-Pil Hong and Myoung-Ju Park, in preparation

  • Submitted
    • "A randomized nonatomic game model permitting inverse-optimization for estimating agents' heterogenity," Sung-Pil Hong, Kyung Min Kim and Suk-Joon Ko, submitted

  • Published
    • "A note on the strong polynomiality of convex quadratic programming," Sung-Pil Hong and Sushil Verma, Mathematical Programming, Vol. 68, pp. 131-139, 1995.

    • "About the strong polynomial time algorithms for quadratic optimization over submodular constraints," Dorit S. Hochbaum and Sung-Pil Hong, Mathematical Programming, Vol. 69, pp. 269-309, 1995.

    • "On the complexity of the production-transportation problem," Dorit S. Hochbaum and Sung-Pil Hong, SIAM Journal on Optimization, Vol. 6, pp. 250-264, 1996.

    • "An efficient multicast routing algorithm for delay-sensitive applications with dynamic membership," Sung-Pil Hong, Heesang Lee, and Bum Hwan Park, IEEE INFOCOM, pp. 1433-1440, 1998.

    • "A competitive online algorithm for the paging problem with "shelf" memory," Sung-Pil Hong, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1627, pp. 400-408, 1999.

    • "Towards real-time optimal VP management for ATM nets," Sung-Jin Chung, Sung-Pil Hong, and Hae-Goo Song, Telecomunication Systems, Vol. 14, pp. 219-242, 2000.

    • "Efficient algorithms for the multicast trees packet-replication restrictions," Sung-Jin Chung and Sung-Pil Hong, IEICE Transactions on Communications , Vol. E84-B, pp. 2670-2680, 2001.

    • "An optimal virtual topology configuration for multicast in ATM and MPLS networks," Sung-Jin Chung, Sung-Pil Hong, Sang-Baeg Kim, and Hoo-Sang Chung, IEICE Transactions on Communications, Vol. E84-B, pp. 2656-2669, 2001.

    • "A fully polynomial bicriteria approximation scheme for the constrained spanning tree problem," Sung-Pil Hong, Sung-Jin Chung, and Bum Hwan Park, Operations Research Letters, Vol. 32, pp. 233-239, 2004.

    • "Connection-level QoS provisioning in multiple transmission technology-based OFDM system," Youngkyu Choi, Sunghyun Choi, and Sung-Pil Hong, Wiopt'06, pp. 97-106, 2006. [pdf]

    • "Two-Server Network Disconnection Problem," Byung-Cheon Choi and Sung-Pil Hong, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 3982, pp. 785-792, 2006. [pdf]

    • "Approximability of the k-server disconnection problem," Sung-Pil Hong and Byung-Cheon Choi, Networks, Vol. 50(4), pp. 273-282, 2007. [pdf]

    • "Polynomiality of sparsest cuts with fixed number of sources," Sung-Pil Hong and Byung-Cheon Choi, Operations Research Letters, Vol. 35, pp. 739-742, 2007. [pdf]

    • "A genetic algorithm for joint replenishment based on the exact inventory cost," Sung-Pil Hong and Yong-Hyuk Kim, Computers and Operations Research, Vol. 36(1), pp. 167-175, 2009. [pdf]

    • "A pseudo-polynomial heuristic for path-constrained discrete-time markovian target search," Sung-Pil Hong, Sung-Jin Cho, and Myoung-Ju Park, EJOR, Vol. 193(2), pp. 351-364, 2009. [pdf]

    • "Unification of lower-bound analyses of the lift-and-project rank of combinatorial optimization polyhedra," Sung-Pil Hong and Levent Tuncel, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol. 156, pp. 25-41, 2008. [pdf]

    • "A pragmatic algorithm for the train-set routing : The case of Korea high-speed railway," Sung-Pil Hong, Kyung Min Kim, Kyungsik Lee, and Bum Hwan Park, OMEGA, Vol. 37(3), pp. 637-645, 2009. [pdf]

    • "Optimal search-relocation trade-off in Markovian-target searching," Sung-Pil Hong, Sung-Jin Cho, Myoung-Ju Park, and Moon-Gul Lee, Computers and Operations Research, Vol. 36(6), pp. 2097-2104, 2009. [pdf]

    • "Approximation of k-batch consolidation problem," Sung-Pil Hong, Myoung-Ju Park, and Soo Y. Chang, Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 410(8), pp. 963-967, 2009. [pdf]

    • "Approximation of a Batch Consolidation Problem," Junho Chang, Soo Y. Chang, Sung-Pil Hong, Yun-Hong Min, and Myoung-Ju Park, Networks, Vol. 58(1), pp. 12-19, 2011. [pdf]

    • "An appraisal of a column-generation-based algorithm for a centralized train-conflict resolution on metropolitan railway network," Yun-Hong Min, Myoung-Ju Park, Sung-Pil Hong, and Soon-Heum Hong, Transportation Research Part B, Vol. 45(2), pp. 409-429, 2011. [pdf]

    • "Rank of Handelman Hierarchy for Max-Cut," Myoung-Ju Park and Sung-Pil Hong, Operations Research Letters, Vol. 39(5), pp. 323-328, 2011. [pdf]

    • "Handelman rank of zero-diagonal quadratic programs over a hypercube and its applications," Myoung-Ju Park and Sung-Pil Hong, Journal of Global Optimization, Vol. 56(2), pp. 727-746, 2013. [pdf]

    • "Column generation approach to line planning with various halting patterns - application to the Korean high-speed railway," Bum Hwan Park, Yong-Il Seo, Sung-Pil Hong and Hag-Lae Rho, Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 30(4), 2013. [pdf]

    • "Optimization of the future soldier system: an integrative approach based on agent-based simulation and response surface method," Ingu Lee, Youngjung Geum, Sung-Pil Hong, Subin Lee and Eui-Jung Choe, Military Operations Research, Vol. 19(4), pp.25-39, 2014.

    • "Does crowding affect the path choice of metro passengers?," Kyung Min Kim, Sung-Pil Hong, Suk-Joon Ko and Dowon Kim, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol. 77, pp.292-304, 2015. [pdf]

    • "Mining missing train logs from Smart Card data," Yun-Hong Min, Suk-Joon Ko, Kyung Min Kim and Sung-Pil Hong, Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Vol. 63, pp.170-181, 2016. [pdf]

    • "Precise estimation of connections of metro passengers from Smart Card data," Sung-Pil Hong, Yun-Hong Min, Myoung-Ju Park, Kyung Min Kim and Suk Mun Oh, Transportation, Vol. 43(5), pp.749-769, 2016. [pdf]

    • "Predicting express-train choice of metro passenger from Smart Card data," Kyung min Kim, Sung-Pil Hong, Suk-Joon Ko, and Jae Hong Min, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Vol. 2544, pp.63-70, 2016. [pdf]

    • "A method to directly derive taste heterogeneity of travellers' route choice in public transport from observed routes," Sung-Pil Hong, Kyung Min Kim, Geunyeong Byeon and Yun-Hong Min, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Vol. 95, pp.41-52, 2017. [pdf]

    • "A precision pump schedule optimization for the water supply networks with small buffer," Sung-Pil Hong, Taegyoon Kim, and Subin Lee, Omega, Vol. 82, pp.24-37, 2019. [pdf]

    • "Estimating heterogeneous agent preferences by inverse optimization in a randomized nonatomic game," Sung-Pil Hong, Kyung Min Kim, and Suk-Joon Ko, Annals of Operations Research, 2021. [pdf]


  • "경영과학 제2판," 홍성필, 율곡출판사, 2014.


  • "전철 네트워크의 승객 이동경로 추정 방법," 홍성필, 김경민, 고석준, 민윤홍, 대한민국 특허청, 특허 등록번호: 10-1582283-0000, 등록일: 2015년 12월 28일.


  • 제 1 회 최적화 공개 특강: 다항최적화의 이론과 해법 (2011.08.16-18), 홍성필, 박명주 [pdf]


  • Current Projects

    • Methodological complementarity of game theory and optimization in data-driven operation of large-scale systems, Ministry of Science and ICT (2021.03.01-2023.02.28).

  • Previous Projects

    • Train-set minimum routing, Korea Raiload Research Institute (2005.03.01-2005.12.31).

    • Development of Train Conflict resolution algorithm, Korea Institute of Construction and Transportation Evaluation and Planning (2007.08.01-2008.07.31).

    • Development of search algorithm for semantic web search (2008.02.01-2008.09.30).

    • Developing Optimization Model for Connection Service in the Integrated Public Transportation Network, Korea Raiload Research Institute (2010.03.15-2010.10.31).

    • Rank and approximability analyses of SDP-based hierarchies for polynomial optimization, National Research Foundation of Korea (2009.05.01-2011.04.30).

    • Study on the optimization algorithm for the performance of the integrated model, Agency for Defence Development (2009.06.19-2011.06.30).

    • Development of practical simulator for optimizing the pumping schedule of a water supply network, Korea Water Resources Corporation (2012.09-2015.04).

    • Effect of exchange between quality of solution and computation time in polynomial time optimization problem, Ministry of Education of Korea (2011.05-2014.04).

    • Applicability Improvement of Schedule based Transit Assignment Algorithm, Korea Raiload Research Institute (2012.04-2014.10).

    • Developing algorithm for conflict resolution in multi-agent autonomous train system, Korea Raiload Research Institute (2017.04.01-2017.10.31).

    • Traffic equilibrium estimation in large-scale transportation nework using optimization, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (2014.11.01-2017.10.31).

    • Constructing data and developing algorithm for simulation of conflict resolution in multi-agent autonomous train system, Korea Raiload Research Institute (2018.04.18-2018.12.14).

    • Autonomous Cooperation-based Train Dynamic Route Control Algorithm Embedded Implementation, Korea Raiload Research Institute (2019.10.01-2019.12.13).




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